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•November 22, 2006 • 2 Comments

Welcome to lobsterdj6.wordpress.com ! I’m new to this and Ill be doing my best to keep you informed! and I’m siked that this will appear on google!

here are all the cheats and glitches I know of!


et= fart noise

es= skull

ep= puffle


ef= flower


shortcut keys:

d= dance

w= wave

s= sit

h= hello

t= throw snowball

astro barrier:

1= lv. 10

2= lv. 20

3= lv 30

secret agent:

to become a secret agent click on the mod. logo on the top corner of the screen. then a thing will pop up, click the logo on that thing and it will ask you some questions.

agent quiz answers:


being mean or rude

report them

saying their address

I want to keep club penguin safe

I want to help other penguins

secret places:

dojo: in the mountains on the map just pull your mouse across until you se the click- pointer.

ice burg: on the right side of the map you will see a ice burg in the water. clivk on it.

mine shack: the little hut on the map. ( behind the plaza) note only works for agents.

cart surfer tricks:

down arrow+ spacebar= backflip, 100 points

spacebar+ any side arrow key= air 360 spin, 80 points

down arrow+ any side key= grind, points vary ( works for turns too!)

spacebar+up key= fly, 50 points

up+ side key= cart surf turn, points vary

up+ spacebar= cart surf jump, 20 points

side key= regular turn, 10 points



go to play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf and then press fullscreen. then you click under the chat bar once its white underneath.

dancing with the paper:

first go to play. clubpenguin/load.swf. then pull someones playercard past that weird line on the side of the screen. (make sur you are still able to see the mailing button) then pull up the paper and click the mailing letter button and sent the person a letter. then press d and youll be dancing with the paper! you can also sit and talk like this!

changing others igloos:

first click your door. then quickly, before you reach the door, click the tape measure. then after you reach the door click on the member igloos and go to one. then click their items and move them. note, this only works on your side. ( you can only see it)

I know others, but they’re to hard to explain. sorry